If you’re awaiting delivery of your Model X or Model S (or perhaps you’ve reserved the Model 3!), then the next step is to prepare your home for charging. Once you hit the “order” button, it usually takes around three months for your shiny new Tesla car to arrive, so there’s plenty of time to get organised. Every Tesla is delivered with a mobile connector cable and a Tesla Wall Connector for home charging.

What is a Tesla Wall Connector?

The Tesla Wall Connector is a charging station for your new Tesla Car. It is permanently mounted to a wall or a post in your garage, or where you park, so all you have to do is pull in and plug in! The next morning you’ll wake up to a fully charged car ready to hit the road. It’s as easy as plugging in your mobile phone, and the best bit is the cost of the electricity is minimal when compared to the cost of petrol. The Tesla Wall Connector can be customised to suit almost any power supply, but it is important to get a qualified electrician to assess your setup.

Prepare for Home Charging

So you’ve ordered your new Tesla vehicle – what now? You need to contact a licensed electrician in your local area to prepare your home. Tesla recommends you do this almost immediately, particularly if you live in an apartment building, or suspect you may need a switchboard upgrade, because extra time may be required. It is important to find a Tesla recommended electrician, because they have received the correct training, and must follow strict quality and reporting obligations. Your chosen electrician will then arrange a time to come to your home so they can assess the scope of work.

What is the Cost of Home Charging Installation?

There is no simple answer to this question because every home charging installation will be unique. For example, an installation that is 50 metres away from the electrical panel will be cheaper than one which is 5 metres away. If you need a switchboard upgrade, this will add to the overall cost. The average cost is between $1000-$2000, however, your electrician will be able to give you a formal quote once they have inspected the site.

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